About the Veterans Project

Veterans' Project Poster

Veterans' Project Poster

Wars are fought between nations, fought between ideologies. But wars are fought by people. No nation ever crawled through mud, or went unwashed. No ideology saw its friends wounded and killed.

The goal of this project is to salute the men and women who fought for their country. Some were enthusiastic to attack the enemy, some were drafted, some may have found no alternatives but to enlist. The reasons don’t really matter. They all got soaked in the rain, shivered in the cold, sweated under a hot sun.

My original concept in creating this project was to meet and commemorate veterans, from all countries, who fought in World War II. But why reject later conflicts?

If you are one of these people, I’d like to come to your home with my camera and studio lights, to take photos of you. I’ll record you talking about your experiences. If you have photos of your buddies or of the tank, plane or ship on which you served, I’d like to make a copy. Hopefully the images will lead to a gallery exhibition, maybe a book or a documentary film, or at least clips on YouTube.

As for your benefit, I’ll send the best images as prints and as electronic files suitable for sharing with your family. Any presentations will include full credits for the participants.